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All about Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C (available at Edelweiss)
I am new to the Forum and I am consumer of and an agent for LivOn Laboratorie's Lypo-Spheric™ Vitamin C . I have written the following article to help my clients learn about Vitamin C in general and about the Lypo-Spheric™ Vitamin C specifically. It is not a scientific paper but it should help you understand how this amazing new product works and why it is equal to or perhaps even better than intravenous Vitamin C, at least for lower doses (under 30 grams)! My personal testimony is also below.
Lypo-Spheric™ Vitamin C:
New Nano-technology offers most powerful, most bio-available way to deliver therapeutic doses of Vitamin C in Oral form!
Lypo-Spheric™ Vitamin C represents a major breakthrough in delivering high therapeutic doses of Vitamin C orally! By employing Liposomal Encapsulation Technology (LET) it is able to transport virtually 100% of its Vitamin C to the cells, tissues, glands, and organs that require it.

Lypo-Spheric™ Vitamin C (referred to as Lypo-C in this article) was developed in 2004 and is offered exclusively by LivOn Laboratories. The company web site is Ordering information is presented at the end of this article. As Dr. Linus Pauling said, curing the Common Cold will end a huge amount of needless suffering. But as you will see that is only the beginning of what Lypo-C can do for you and your family.

What is known about Vitamin C
In the 65 years since its discovery, Vitamin C has come to be known as a "wonder worker." We depend on ascorbic acid for many aspects of our biochemical functioning; yet human beings are among only a handful of animal species that cannot synthesize ANY of their own vitamin C in their bodies. We must obtain100% of this nutrient in our diet and supplements. Vitamin C has been shown to prevent and cure many illnesses, from everyday ailments such as the common cold to devastating diseases such as Viral Hepatitis! With over 100,000 published scientific studies, Vitamin C is the most proven, well documented and powerful antioxidizing, immune-boosting, anti-pathogenic, anti-aging, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-toxin, nutrient known to man. These properties still amaze medical researchers who produce an average of one new study everyday on Vitamin C. It is also one of the most powerful free radical fighters know to man! Given sufficient dosage, it will kill bacteria and pathogenic microbes of all kinds, as well as virus, mycroplasma, yeast and fungus. If you are carrying any pathogenic burden in your body whether you are aware of it or not, Vitamin C will attack and kill it. In 1976, Dr. Linus Pauling, Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1962 and in Peace in 1954 brought Vitamin C into the limelight. He wrote, ”With the recognition of the value of vitamin C to strengthen the body's defenses against infections, this universal scourge, the common cold, can be brought under control.” Daily maintenance dosing of Lypo-C will provide high resistance to infectious diseases including Cold and Flu. If a cold or flu virus does gain a foothold, prompt, higher hourly dosing will cure the infection within hours. (See below)

Dr. Thomas E. Levy, M.D. JD
Dr. Levy is a practicing cardiology and internal medicine physician for more than 25 years! Dr. Levy is author of “Healing the Incurable, Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins" (published 2002), one of the most important medical books of this century. You can purchase this book when ordering your Lypo-C. I have also written a partial summary of parts of this book that you will receive with your first order of Lypo-C. In the book he presents over 1200 references, a sampling of “the enormous quantity of scientific documentation and hard scientific evidence that demonstrates the incredible ability of Vitamin C to effectively cure, reverse and prevent a wide array of viral and bacterial infectious diseases and poisonings. All of these diseases are considered by modern medicine to be incurable and largely untreatable. This evidence has simply been virtually ignored and remains unacknowledged by the ‘established medical field’ For example, Vitamin C has amazingly already been documented in the medical literature to have readily and consistently cured both acute polio and acute hepatitis, two viral diseases that are still considered by modern medicine to be incurable regardless of the treatment used. Polio babies are completely well in less than a week and hepatitis patients are sick for only a few days, not several months. In 1949 Dr. Frederick Klenner cured 60 out of 60 Polio patients with Vitamin C! And they were left with no residual damage that often left its survivors crippled for life!
The documentation is virtually overflowing with irrefutable evidence that Vitamin C is the single most essential nutrient for achieving and maintaining optimal health. Vitamin C is undoubtedly the ideal agent for treating virtually any viral affection. There are many documented cases showing that the prompt administration of very large intravenous doses of Vitamin C can bring back heavily infected individuals from even comatose states, ultimately resulting in complete cures. Many major viral diseases such as polio, viral hepatitis, measles, mumps, viral encephalitis, chickenpox and herpes infections, viral pneumonia, and influenza (the Flu), are all amazingly shown to be both curable and preventable by Vitamin C. Non-viral infectious diseases such as diphtheria, tetanus and streptococcal infection are also curable and preventable. Tuberculosis, leprosy, and typhoid fever are proven to be reversible and preventable”. And perhaps one day soon, the Bird Flu which is another viral infection, will be prevented and cured by Vitamin C. “To date, no viral infection has been demonstrated to be resistant to the proper dosing of vitamin C”. Then there are the Super-Bugs; bacteria resistant to our strongest antibiotics, but no match for properly dosed Vitamin C. Furthermore, no toxicity level has ever been found for Vitamin C. You cannot take too much! But you can take too little!
Dr Robert Milne M.D. "There is almost no system, organ, gland or cell in your body which does not derive great benefit from a massive supply of Vitamin C. All are greatly strengthened with large doses of non-degraded Vitamin C. The dramatic improvement in effectiveness gained by introducing large doses of Vitamin C directly into the bloodstream is well documented. Prestigious medical research hospitals like Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic routinely inject Vitamin C right into the bloodstream." When President Nixon went to the hospital with the Flu it was reported on the news that he was treated intravenously with large doses of Vitamin ‘C’!

The problem with ordinary forms of Vitamin C
Traditional forms of Vitamin C severely limit the amount of Vitamin C you can take orally. If you take more than 1 or 2 grams of traditional Vitamin C, the ascorbic acid in the intestines will cause gastric distress including gas, cramps, and diarrhea. Much of the Vitamin C will be eliminated in loose stool and in the urine. A very small percentage (as little as 12%) of ordinary Vitamin C actually gets absorbed into the bloodstream. The more you take, the less is absorbed. Because of the G.I. Barrier, in order to deliver only 2,000mg of usable Vitamin C into the bloodstream, you would have to ingest over 16,000mg (Thirty two 500mg tablets) at one time! Imagine what that would do to your stomach! Also traditional oral Vitamin C is subject to a host of factors (saliva enzymes, digestive juices, bile salts, air) that oxidize it, neutralize it, adulterate it, and even expel it before it ever gets to the cells that need it.

Dr Robert Milne M.D. is author of “Liposomal Encapsulation Technology” 2004.
"Because of its well documented, wonder-working power, man has made countless attempts to make Vitamin C more readily absorbed. But little if any gain has been made until 2004 with Lypo-Spheric™ Vitamin C. That's because the human digestive system was never designed to digest large doses of Vitamin C in any form orally. Many researchers believe that humans used to manufacture all the Vitamin C they needed in the Liver! The fact is, we all have the necessary gene to produce a substance called L-gulonolactone oxidase (GLO) in the human liver, required to make Vitamin C. Unfortunately, humans have a defect in that gene that prevents the production of GLO and therefore prevents the synthesis of Vitamin C.
The Solution:
Lypo-Spheric™ Vitamin C allows you to take Vitamin C orally, bypass the digestive system and deliver it fresh and intact into the bloodstream! Utilizing “Liposomal Encapsulation Technology”(LET), LivOn Labs has radically changed the way Vitamin C is delivered to the bloodstream. LET is a proven nano-technology used by physicians and researchers since the 1970s to deliver therapeutic agents and drugs to targeted tissues and organs in the human body. Now LET has been harnessed to transport virtually 100% of its Vitamin C past the Gastro-Intestinal Barrier (G.I. Barrier), regardless of dose size. Lypo C is taken orally but is delivered straight to the Liver then to the Blood Stream nearly 100% intact. One result is that dose levels can be 10 to 15 times smaller! Conversely, you can now take high mega-doses orally if disease or viral or bacterial infection is present.

How does it work?
The Vitamin C is encapsulated in sub-microscopic bubbles called liposomes. Because of their nano-scopic size and composition, the liposomes slip right through the GI tract unharmed and unchanged. Then they are readily absorbed by the small intestines and transported directly to the liver via the lymphatic system. Once in the liver, the liposomes are metabolized and the Vitamin C is released, just as if it was manufactured there! From there the Vitamin C and liposomal substance called “essential phospholipids” quickly journey to the bloodstream, circulate throughout the body and are "grabbed" by the damaged cells and assimilated by the cells under attack! There is no digestive activity prior to assimilation so there is no gastric irritation! Even those who have taken 30,000 mg (30 grams) at one time have not reported any gastric upset or increased urination! There is also no flushing effect or other degrading effects on the Vitamin C so the body gets close to 100% of the powerful, undegraded Vitamin. You no longer have to flood your digestive system with dozens of pills of Vitamin C with gallons of water and suffer gastric upset so that an ample amount gets into your bloodstream! It's like taking a daily shot of Vitamin C intravenously every day! In fact it may be better:

Dr Thomas E. Levy, M.D. JD "My personal experience with Lypo-Spheric™ Vitamin C suggests that it may be better than an IV injection. Compared to pills, it is like comparing a squirt gun to a fire hose"

What are Liposomes made of and what are their health benefits?
The encapsulating Liposomes are made of “essential phospholipids” which the body needs, recognizes and sends straight to the Liver along with the Vitamin C. This substance has vast health benefits in and of themselves (see All cells, glands and organs crave essential phospholipid liposomes! This substance is necessary for life. It is the stuff all cell membranes are made of. They are called 'essential' because the body needs them but cannot synthesize them. The many benefits include the reduction of LDC (bad) cholesterol and the Increase of HDL (good) Cholesterol, improving coronary circulation, Liver regeneration and protection, and much more!

Common Cold and Vitamin C:
Dr. Irwin Stone, author of “Healing Factor, Vitamin C against Disease” (free online book at and his family and friends have not had a cold for nearly two decades! His book reports on many studies on Vitamin C and the common cold including Dr Ruskin who in 1938, injected 450mg of Vitamin C hourly starting as soon after the onset of cold symptoms as possible with 2,000 patients. (Remember that one dose of Lypo C is 1000mg!) Practically all patients were completely relieved or markedly improved, usually after the first or second injection! Dr Ruskin wrote, “Vitamin C would appear to be practically an abortive in the treatment of the common cold.” This statement appeared in 1938, and an astronomical number of colds (500 million/year in USA alone) could have been prevented since then. Interestingly, during a 1961 Vitamin C cold study in a ski camp, Drs. Bessel-Lorch noted "all participants showed considerable increase in physical stamina under the influence of vitamin C medication." “The strategy is to raise the blood and tissue levels of Vitamin C by taking repeated large frequent doses as soon as symptoms occur, to a point where the virus can no longer survive, then back to a maintenance dose.”

If Cold symptoms occur, immediately take 2 packets of Lypo-C and repeat every hour until symptoms are gone. Usually by the second or third dose the virus has been effectively inactivated, and no further cold symptoms will appear. The time will vary depending on the strength of the virus and time elapsed since developing the Cold or Flu.

Amazing Guarantee: Unlimited 100% Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee. In plain English: If at anytime you feel that you did not receive excellent value from any LivOn product, return the unused portion or the empty carton. We will promptly refund every penny of the product’s purchase price – Period!

R. Levene, Kansas Diagnosed with Epstein Barr disease “After 20 years of pain and suffering, I started taking four packets daily (4 grams). Slowly I got better and stronger. I can thankfully report that for the last two months I have been free of all symptoms. As a plus, my arthritis also has disappeared. I now tale 2 packets daily and feel terrific”
CC, Bermuda “I am so excited about this product; I feel like 16 again. AT age 67,I feel excited about life again! The whole world needs this product!”
J. Rhodes NE “I got the flu about the same time I started taking the Vitamin C and the Flu was gone almost in hours. I have enough chemistry to understand the process and I am very excited.”
D Hebert LA. “It has performed miracles for me! My liver and bile duct have caused pain for many years due to Hepatitis. The Lypo- C has relieved my pain and discomfort and almost all of my digestive problems. My neighbor could not even close his hand due to lack of circulation. Since taking Lypo- C, his hand and arm movement suffering form poor circulation, has improved significantly! I am so thankful I found out about this!”
L Metcalf “I gave some to my neighbor, suffering from a serious Liver problem and she is now doing much better-her energy is up and she is able to perform her job much better. Both I and my friends notice more energy.”
C. Jaynes “I have been very ill for over a year now, with liver, lung, and abdominal tumors that have been ruining my digestive process and making me too weak and exhausted to function in any capacity. Since taking the "Lypo- C" I feel almost as good as I did before I became ill a little over a year ago. The way I feel is ALIVE!”
E.D.Berkeley, CA “I had been taking 2 blood pressure medications since 1999. After I began taking the Lypo- C, I began to monitor my blood pressure and noticed a big difference in the reading. I began to taper off the medication and then stopped altogether when my blood pressure went down to an acceptable level. I was thrilled when I got these results!”
My testimony: “I had a Brain Stem Stroke in January, 2005. I have suffered from severe fatigue for 8 months, sleeping 11 or 12 hours a day and having only a few good hours each day. After taking the Lypo C for about a week, my energy returned to practically normal, sleeping around 8 hours a day and I have lots of energy all day! I can only guess it is the effect of a greater amount of Vitamin C enhancing the flow of electrons in the body as discussed in Dr Levy’s book that has restored my damaged energy flow! In addition, I cured a cold at its start in a few hours by increasing to 2 doses each hour for 3 hours and followed with one each hour for safety! I will never have a cold or the Flu again!”

I trust you can now see why Lypo-Spheric™ Vitamin C is light years ahead of traditional Vitamin C supplements! Lypo- C may appear to be more expensive compared to traditional Vitamin C but not when you consider the cost per gram actually delivered to the bloodstream and the benefits of mega-C supplementation (the ability to take larges doses) and no gastric upset with Lypo-C. There are a couple of doctors in Baton Rouge, La. who administer high doses of Vitamin C intravenously in the event of serious illness requiring very high intravenous dosing. For help in locating a doctor in your area see

Had Stroke in January. With Lypo-Speric C my 12 hr/day sleeping patern is now normal. I have lots of energy all day, not 3 hrs a day! I cured a cold in a 3 hours with 2 doses each hour for 3 hours! I will never have a cold or the Flu again!